NECC’s mission is to offer a variety of medical and therapeutic services to adults 18 years of age and older. Supportive services of Adult Day Health are designed to raise a person’s level of functioning, promote independent living and self –management in their communities.

At the NECC Adult Day Health Center, our mission is to provide participants with the highest level of quality and compassionate care. Through the participation in our innovative and therapeutic programming, comprehensive services, and enriching environment, members come to find a new dignity; while enhancing their quality of life. 

NECC ADHC assists in consistent improvement of physical, psychological, and social capabilities while fostering independence. It is the goal for NECC participants to remain active members of the community. 

NECC’s larger objective is to also support and provide respite relief for the current caregivers.

NECC is a cooperative that not only listens, but hears the voices, spoken and unspoken, of those that seek fullness of life

For more information please contact us at (978) 441-0000.

81 Bridge St. Lowell, MA 01852  (978) 441 - 0000
Dedicated to Hope, Compassion and Innovation
The philosophy of NECC is one of deep compassion and respect for people living with medical difficulties. 

We believe in the limitless potential of the human spirit through gentle guidance, holistic, physical and emotional supports, and providing a clear passage to help them on their way.